Went out looking for a romantic location for dinner and I ran across this place. S A L T Restaurant is a very modern, yet plush location that intrigued me the moment I landed. The leaves on the ground, the trees blowing and the sound of water. If you don't look in every direction, you might miss something. The entry way was grand, even a parking lot to park your Bentley for your roleplay dining experience.

The Stairs take you up into a casual bar area, with a stunning view. Going down the next set of stairs you enter the dining area. Very nicely arranged and adorable, perfect for a grand dinner or just tea time with a friend.

The waterfall is amazing. It peacefully sets to tone for your brunch or dinner and even if you desire you can dress up or down for the occasion. Upon further inspection of the location, I ran across another set of dining rooms. Something of a Sunday Dinner or Family setting. For a more private diner, these areas are away from the main dining room.. In fact they are before you even hit the stairs. Sort of hidden away and easily missed.

I will definitely frequent this place because it's been a while since I've found a restaurant like this. (shh! I try to keep the good ones a secret!)

To visit this location click this SLUrl 
"NO FEELTER = NO FILTER NO FUCKS GIVEN" is their motto and I am loving it. I come bearing gifts. I know I been gone, but here is a little bit of a snacky snack. This place blew me away. I mean smooth out the water! I've been many places, many different sex sims and none have come close to this. The detail and time put into this sim is to be marveled at. With numerous locations for you to enjoy your lover or just relax, this place has it all.
When you enter the club area, a very unconventional, never seen before entrance greets you. It kind of threw me off a little bit, I ain't gone lie... but in this case I love being thrown off, (only time I'll ever say that lol!). As I ventured further into this location, I found treat after treat. 

 An amazing bar area awaited me off in the distance, "it moves!". I was totally fangirling and I didn't even get to the good part yet. As I walked around and went to head back outside. I noticed a set of stairs going down. "Oh. What's this?" I was totally intrigued! Long time since a sim has done that for me. Moving down the stairs I was greeted by a huge sign and waterfalls! Yes. Waterfalls are like the defining feature in judging if something is good or not. I'm serious. 
Then This: 

 It is underground. In my SL lifetime I've only found maybe two other places that could pull off underground simulation without being in the water! That in itself is a marvelous feat! This sim offers soo much in visual appeal and stylishness. Moving beyond the doors, I was brought into a peaceful garden. The feeling and flow of this area is to be reckoned with. Y'all know I love a good garden! 

Moving on towards the beach, a luxurious waterfall cascades behind a pool. It's resembles a resort. A very warm spot to recuperate after your session (blush!). It's right off the edge of the beach and the sunset glistens softly for your viewing pleasure. It's relaxing and away from everything else, giving it this home away from home feel. 

There is tons more to this sim than what is posted here! Be Curious! Look for secret locations! (hint hint). Tell your friends about this place. They will not be disappointed. I'm a hard Second Lifer to please and I have to say I am utterly stunned at the work and energy that went into building this sim. 
The sim is a getaway from the normal ghetto, urban type sex sims you may run across in Second Life. With a Thunderstorm Boutique and plenty ad boards, I can really see this location taking over all the rest. It's refreshing, new, and plus you can walk around naked and do whatever you like. Enjoy. 

Events are held Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays (times and days may change)
Owners: Dimplezzz Resident, Madison6310 Resident and Fasteddie69 Resident 
Sim Designer: Rocky Raremaster
Join the Group for more information  
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Hey you guys, I am so sorry I been missing from the scene. Real Life had me where Second Life was on the back burner for a little bit. In my off time I got a chance to meditate and really come to some conclusions about my life. Went on job interviews etc. When seeking change, there is always a battle happening just under the surface. Just before your dreams manifest is the greatest trial you will ever endure. Looking back over my life, I realize I have survived the worst of the worst. But you have to enjoy life, enjoy the pain, it let's you know you are alive. Even when the good times start rolling, you will want to soak up soo much of the good, you will cherish those GREAT moments, but YOU ARE NEVER DONE.

While I was gone I took some time to heal as well. Heal from the disappointments Second Life has brought my way and sometimes those are almost as bad as my Real Life disappointments. The vulnerability I felt, lasted for a long time, and it still lingers. Wanting to just put on my big girl panties and get over it, but then I miss out on the growth that is needed for me to keep going towards success.

Also in my off time, I realized how soo many people are filled with the spirit of iniquity. Their false egos a reflection of their accomplishments. I took some time to humble myself. Some who read this may be religious or not, but for me I know a false ego can block your blessings. It throws off an air of, "I don't need your help, or your presence." That kind of disposition blocks blessings as well. You can have a healthy self-esteem without being egotistical about your situation, life, finances etc.

So I am back, not sure for how long, but isn't that the joy of life? I will post a new location soon, so stay tuned. I've found some pretty great places. Love and Light my friends💬.

Growing up with a white and native mother and a black father has left me in the middle of a dialogue I want to see from both sides, but I am forced to go with what they "see". My skin. My mother use to get strange looks while I was growing up. Snotty looks, as white women and men stared at her black child and looked down at her. My experiences growing up here in Los Angeles has been a total and utter nightmare. The gang war that broke out here in the early 90's led to my brother's death. Shot 25 times. I was only 5 years old, but I remember my mother kissing his forehead, her red lipstick leaving the last bit of love she had in this world in that coffin, with him. From that point on, she spiraled, she lost herself and in the process I lost my childhood.
He was 23. 12 years later, I lost my mother. I know the pain of losing your family. It never goes away.

The end result of a murder, justified in the eyes of the law or not, sends ripples of pain that continues to torture the person(s) left behind. Depression rears its ugly head and eventually suicide becomes an option. The lack of mental health awareness and help in America for trauma victims would suggest we live in a third world country.

The division we are experiencing in our society right now gives us racially charged hashtags like, #AllLivesDidntMatter, #CrimingWhileWhite, #WhitePrivilegeMeans, and #WhiteInventions. Social Media has become the breeding ground for racist bickering and threats. There are extreme points of view from both sides, but what bothers me the most is those who want to bring up statistics of black on black crime. The conditions upon which poverty stricken blacks live in create the climate for these crimes.

The fact that they say these directions, "came from the top" speaks volumes.

Money plays a big role in how the police do their jobs. This video (will open in new window) gives astounding proof as to why we are in prisons across America. There are quotas these cops must meet and the punishment for not meeting them are devastating. The fact that they say these directions, "came from the top" speaks volumes. This article(will open in new window) further shows how the system is rigged to imprison ALL of us. Judges received kickbacks on handing out long sentences to our youth. To further top it off, prisons are privatized, not government owned, however they are government backed. Meaning they receive money to stay running. This article(will open in new window) further drives the point home that we must end For-Profit Prisons.

With all this evidence stacked against our government, We Charge Genocide(will open in new window)brought these issues plaguing our society to the United Nations, in an effort to charge the United States government with genocide. Information is available to us on this worldwide web, we have to begin using it for more than Likes and Retweets.

Second Life mimics Real Life and already I have been attacked in groups I thought were for the intelligent people.

In conclusion, I fear for our future. I find it difficult to feel safe driving, going to the store, walking my dogs or even standing on my street. Not that I have a criminal record or anything, just the tension in the air. It's palpable. I am getting phone calls from my family telling me that they are getting strange looks on the trains and buses on their way to work. White passengers are shaking scared and blacks are just as scared if not more. Second Life mimics Real Life and already I have been attacked in groups I thought were for the intelligent people. I no longer feel comfortable going out and exploring in fear of being ridiculed or targeted by others who, before this, never would have given a second thought about me teleporting into a sim.

The mean jokes and automatic responses to others has to stop.

Now, every comment I make on any platform, Flickr, Second Life, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram is being attacked, no matter the subject. The stress I feel from not being able to express myself openly about anything is painful on so many levels. We are all human, and anyone human, White, Black, Latino, or Asian should be equally outraged at what is happening to our society. I ask that we all show compassion to one another. The mean jokes and automatic responses to others has to stop. We have to be leaders, not followers of out of date ideas that no longer work in this melting pot we call America.

We all know of the atrocity that happened in Orlando recently. Innocent people lost their lives, this event on July 15th in Second Life will raise funds for the victims and the victim's families. My heart goes out to those affected. The unthinkable happened, but we as humans have a duty to comfort, help and look after everyone we can. The greatest support system we have is our ability to lend a helping hand and show our compassion. I ask that all those who read my blog attend this fundraiser. Even if you have your own personal beliefs, you are human and these individuals, LBGTQ or not, that were gunned down were human as well. These were people's children, friends, brothers, sisters, lovers. The best kind of love you can show is a helping hand.

Any atrocity against humans triggers a feeling of deep sadness within me. Being the family of a victim of gun violence, I understand the anguish that lasts forever. It never goes away. I am asking that everyone open their hearts and their pockets. 50% of all proceeds will go to the victims and families of victims. This event also features a Gacha Event. So come play the gacha, listen to some hot tunes and donate as your heart sees fit. Much love and may Peace come to all those affected.

July 15th, 2016
Event Time: 4pm-8pm SLT
To visit this location:SLUrl
Whew! I just hit the proverbial jackpot when I found this location. The attention to detail in this lounge blew me out the water! From the ceiling to the floors, I got instant chills as I entered and could not believe my eyes. With the word "hello" greeting you as you walk into the most immersive experience, you cannot help but be impressed by this location. Checking out the "About Land" tab, the owner stresses that this is a lounge and not a club. Which is fine, but I personally would love for this become a social club. I can see it now, clothing designers, furniture designers, bloggers (SL's elite) being all in one room. Yes. This spot gives me that kind of vibe.

With ample seating and an amazingly contoured ceiling, I almost want to move into this location. The hanging leaves and plants, offer a color palette that is definitely timeless. No matter what time of year you visit this location, you will be comfortable. Dressed up or dressed down, you are not out of place, that is what makes this location so versatile. It is available for booking at 750L per hour, which is pretty good for a great party. They will allow you to bring your own DJ, they just need the stream.

This location is lag free from what I can tell, and they know about good music, (look at who they idolize) you can tell soo much about owners based on what they deem important. My heart flutters here, its magical, it's appealing to the eyes, and comforting. A very nurturing atmosphere where the greatest of experiences can take place! That is what SL about.

To visit this location:SLUrl
To see more photos of this location: Flickr

Note: Privacy Policy & Terms and Condition now up. (bottom middle of front page)

So for quite sometime I have been making animations for myself. I have always been one of those people who have to be different and stand out. In the process of talking to my guy I came up with an idea. How about changing the club scene by making animations specifically catering to that? So while I was messing around with some software a few months back, I sort of mastered animating in about 4 hours. Sheer determination was all it took. I wanted to hold a drink in the club and dance at the same time sooo bad, I succeeded.

So today I present to you one of many animations to come. The "Unisex Wall Lean" animation. You can prop that foot on the fall, hold your drink and look around at the crowded club, but also look cool doing it. I will eventually come out with different variations of this pose. The pose is copy/modify, no transfer. All I ask is that it is not resold or given away. Otherwise, do what you want. As my inventory of poses grow, I will get a vendor for you to try them out before purchase. Below is a picture of me using it at a location I covered in this blog a while back.

You can add this pose to your viewer's AO and play it whenever you feel like it. I love it and will be using every chance I get. Be creative with this pose. Post up and chat with that girl you been digging, use it for anything and everything. Post up on that patio and enjoy a nice sunset, or in an alley as you shoot craps with the homies. Turn of your AO and play this.. and you can post up anywhere.

Soon as I learn how to take video in SL. I'll upload to Youtube.

To purchase: Digital Exploration Marketplace